About Danica Collins aka Donna Ambrose


Danica Collins aka Donna Ambrose has been modeling non stop since the age of 17, a career which has continued and lasted over 29 years, which is testament to how popular she is with both fans and photographers.

Her modeling assignments have seen her in as a page 3 model in British newspapers, appearing in top shelf mens magazines, burlesque shows, and guesting on many porn and glamour websites.

Danica has acquired quite a large following of fans over the years and it’s easy to see why she is so popular, having dark, exotic looks, huge natural boobs and a sophisticated taste in sexy outfits, lingerie, corsets, girdles, suspenders, stockings and pantyhose. Plus of course her sexy personality!

At last! Fans of Danica will be able to see even more of their favorite lady on her official website, soon to be online in August-September 2010. Bookmark onlydanicacollins.com to find out more about this exciting news and see the latest movies and pic updates as they happen.

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